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Experienced and affordable legal representation is important when you enter the court system.

If you find yourself in the middle of a messy legal situation, you might be tempted to try and handle it on your own. Do you know all of the laws of your state?  Do you understand the legal process and what could be at stake if you lose?

When it comes to serious legal matters, we believe it is in your best interest to hire a lawyer to help you navigate the entire legal process. With years of experience the Law Office of Kalkadora Thangkhiew, we are well prepared to handle legal matters in the areas of divorce, child custody, and Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Here are some of the top reasons to carefully consider when weighing whether to hire a lawyer.

1. Lawyers have prior knowledge to help understand your odds of getting what you want

It is highly likely that your lawyer will have handled a case (or several cases) similar to yours in the past. With this knowledge, they can help prepare you for what to expect in trial, advise on your odds are of getting the outcome you want, and more. Your lawyer will also offer practical advice that can potentially save you tons of time and money. 

2. You won’t be connected to other professionals who can help

Your lawyer is connected to a team of professionals that will help you with your legal matters should you need it. If you go into a legal battle on your own, you will not have the benefit of additional help that can assist you with your case. Keep in mind that the other party involved in the dispute will likely have legal help, meaning they too will have access to resources if needed. 

3. Your legal team won’t be emotionally involved in the situation

Many legal disputes, especially those regarding sensitive situations such as a divorce or child custody arrangement, can be very draining on the parties involved. It is likely that you will be emotional during this time, which is to be expected, but that emotion will work against you should you decide to represent yourself. Hiring a lawyer will not only provide you with an individual that understands the legal system, but also with an outside individual that can look at things clearly.

4. Lawyers understand all the legal forms and documentation you may need

There are a lot of technical elements involved in a legal battle. If you provide incorrect information, or miss a deadline, you can seriously delay your case, or even worse, cause the case to be thrown out entirely. Don’t run the risk of being confused or overwhelmed with legal documentation; hire a team that knows the system and will handle your legal matters for you.

5. It can be more costly without one

Finally, you might think that representing yourself in a legal battle will save you money, but should you lose your court battle, you could lose far more money than you would have invested in a lawyer in the first place. A good law firm will offer you a free consultation, allowing you to explain your legal matters and get an expert opinion for no cost.

These are just a few of the reasons why denying legal help can be a very dangerous and costly decision. All legal matters are serious, and you deserve to be represented by a team willing to fight for you. If you are in this position and are in need of legal help, please contact the Law Office of Kalkadora Thangkhiew for a free consultation.  You will find our fees are affordable when you compare.

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