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The Law Office of Kalkadora Thangkhiew is a well-established law firm located in Vancouver, WA that provides a range of quality, cost-effective legal services to clients throughout the Greater Clark County area. We strive to meet the legal needs of our individual clients and their families, by offering personalized service that allows us to understand each client’s individual goals.

Our Practice Areas

  • Divorce:  At the law office of Kalkadora Thangkhiew, we provide dedicated and personalized legal representation to people involved in divorce proceedings. We represent clients in contested and uncontested divorces. As such, we are experienced handling mediation as well as aggressive negotiated settlements.  » Learn More
  • Bankruptcy:  Now help is available to consumers who are experiencing overwhelming debt. At the law office of Kalkadora Thangkhiew, we help consumers file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Through Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, you can stop harassing creditors, eliminate debt and gain a fresh financial outlook. » Learn More
  • Family Law:  We represent clients with matters that include initial determination of child support, modification of child support and modification of other post-divorce matters. We recognize that the issues involving your children are important and close to your heart.   » Learn More
  • Child Custody:  We strive to find the best possible outcomes for you and your children. We represent clients in contested and uncontested child custody matters, looking out for the best interests of your children during this time of transition.  » Learn More

About Kalakadora Thangkhiew

Attorney Kalkadora Thangkhiew has been practicing law in the United States since 1999 after establishing a highly successful legal career in India. She also served as a judge in the British Common Law system which is similar to the US system, and draws on that experience in her casework with you.  » Learn More

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